Introduction to 3D Printing


A workshop for anyone looking to get started with 3D printing. This workshop provides a complete introduction including how printers operate, how they're programmed and the 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software used design parts.

Advanced 3D Printing


Our advanced classes are a deep dive into the details of FDM printing, from advanced CAD skills and material selection to post-processing and printer maintenance. Add this session to the introductory class and you will have everything you need to own and operate your own machine.

School Holiday Programs


During school holidays, Upward puts on a special series of workshops designed for school students. Youth will have a blast with a range of interactive activities including 3D drawing, puzzles, LEGO and construction sets, while seniors dive into project based learning exercises to develop key skills of computer aided design and 3D printing,

Professional Development 

Upward is a NESA endorsed provider of professional development. We can also bring our printers and trainers to your school for in-service workshops and student events. These events are arranged by appointment and tailored to your needs so get in touch today.


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